Pulaski Empowerment

January 17, 2020

Brooklyn, NY

Schelton Assoumou and Brownstone NYC Continue Empowering Homeowners in Martin Luther King’s Legacy

Schelton Assoumou, a New York based real estate developer and Brownstone NYC are continuing their work to empower minorities by sharing knowledge that can help homeowners build wealth through Brownstone NYC’s wealth building programs.

Brownstone NYC is hosting an educational workshop in collaboration with the Pulaski Block Association on Martin Luther Kings’ birthday: Monday January 20th at 257 Nostrand Ave, 1st Floor at 2pm.

Information and knowledge that will help home owners navigate the intricacies of real estate development and financing. Topics covered will include but are not limited to: Foreclosure resolution, Home improvement, Refinancing options, Violations removal, Selling to Investors, Joint Ventures and Air Rights.

Assoumou and Brownstone NYC, recognize the economic challenges facing minorities and homeowners today. Home ownership is one of the largest components of household wealth, however in a changing neighborhood like the Bedford-Stuyvesant community, this wealth may be squandered due to poor decision making around the sale of a home.

Many homeowners in the area have seen their home values appreciate due to a growing demand and changing demographics. However, most are unfamiliar with the proper tools and techniques that can be used to build wealth outside of the property. The sale of the home is seen by property owners as a windfall opportunity to “cash out”. 

Brownstone NYC, however, argues that a traditional sale could decrease the proceeds to the homeowner by as much as 30% of the sales price. Instead, Brownstone NYC advocates a Joint Venture relationship that allows the investor and the homeowner to profit. This technique, while common in the real estate investment space, is not well known among homeowners. The detailed contract, extended sale time and investment process leaves opportunity for investors or their attorneys to profit from unsuspecting homeowners.

Through their experience investing in over 100 properties over the past 5 years, Assoumou and Brownstone NYC have developed a 5 step process that helps homeowners partner with an investor and make more than a traditional sale. This process allows the homeowner to reap greater rewards and also reduces the risk to the investor.

Brownstone NYC views the workshop as a forum to provide homeowners with answers to their questions about selling, flipping or monetizing their homes.

There is no cost to attend the event, however advance registration is requested. Interested parties can contact [email protected] with the subject Pulaski Jan 20.