How Modular Construction is Changing New York Real Estate

How Modular Construction is Changing New York City Real Estate

Brownstone NYC is building 30 homes using Modular Construction in 2023

Modular Construction is a common technique used in home construction. However, today’s need for more affordable housing has led to a revolutionary way to build and renovate existing homes with environmentally sustainable construction. Brownstone NYC has been at the forefront of the push for modular buildings as a part of Joint Venture initiatives to bring affordable housing to New York City and throughout New York State.

Modular construction involves building parts of the building or the entire project off site before transport to the final location to be put together. Many construction delays and budget increases are related to construction, weather and other factors which can be better controlled in a warehouse or off site facility. By keeping the development in a single location, manufactured homes can be built to suit and then transported for final assembly.

Using modular technology allows projects to be built efficiently thanks to the material, process and sustainable operations. Segments can be joined for faster development and streamlined inspection. This allows for a much faster turnaround time allowing many projects to be completed in only 60% of the time a traditional build requires.

In Westchester County, New York, Brownstone NYC has entered into a joint venture with developers to build affordable homes using Modular and Green technologies. As equity partners we will participate in four separate projects that will build 40 homes in Westchester over the next 24 months.

The New York Green Housing Development project will focus on our ability to protect the environment and integrate new technologies to enhance quality of life and reduce our carbon footprint. The project has taken into consideration the plans from the Westchester County Climate Change Action Plan. We are excited to demonstrate the building capacity that reduces our carbon footprint using energy efficient technologies.

The focus on energy efficiency and quality of life is evident in many new home designs where quality of life and accessibility to convenient features that offer a healthy lifestyle. These considerations are active in the Fleetwood Neighborhood of Mount Vernon, where Brownstone is creating a neighborhood with 17 homes. The housing development will include solar technologies and electric car chargers. As a green project New Construction in Mount Vernon changing neighborhood & bringing new housing stock to the market.

Across the county, Brownstone NYC is actively building Devonia Estates in a partnership with minority property developer, Frank Mercado. Frank has successfully built several projects in the NYC area and throughout Westchester County. These projects are in an affluent neighborhood on the south side of Mt. Vernon. As a partnership, he project has recently completed excavation as seen in the picture below.

A final project is South 7th in White Plains NY. This project will complete Eight homes in 2023.

All of these projects are using Modular and Green Technologies.

Our focus on sustainable building and green impact is prominent throughout the development process from the initial design through when the owner moves in.

Some common Green Building methods are:

  • Using natural products for exterior and interior building materials
  • Opening up buildings to use natural light
  • Using the latest energy efficiencies
  • Recycling water from rain and condensation for building needs
  • Creating “green” roofs through plantings and vegetation

The opportunities for improving sustainability are limitless. Today’s improvements in pricing and sourcing has made green building methods are

Brownstone NYC is a proud minority developer in New York. We have partnered with other minority developers as an outcome from our completion of the LISC NYC Minority Developer Program. Our sustainability focus is a pathway to creating more homes and providing more meaningful impact in the communities we serve.



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